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Patient Consent to Treatment

By affirmatively clicking “continue” at the end of this “Consent to Treatment,” I acknowledge that I have reviewed and agree to the below terms as they relate to receiving medical care from the professional corporation with which Twentyeight Health, Inc. partners, New Jersey Birdie Health P.C., California Birdie Health P.C, Illinois Birdie Health P.C. or Michigan Birdie Health, P.C. (the “P.C.”) and its individual licensed physicians who shall be independent contractors of the P.C. (each of whom may be a “Treating Physician”).  

I acknowledge and agree that clicking “continue” at the end of this “Consent to Treatment” shall be my consent to receive diagnostic, therapeutic, or other medical care connected to prescription of reproductive and sexual health medication (collectively the “Treatment”) from P.C. and Treating Physicians through the use of a telemedicine platform. Treatment shall be provided only when it is determined to be necessary and/or appropriate in the professional medical judgment of my Treating Physician. I may decline Treatment at any time. I understand that the Treatment may be dependent on review of my medical history, medical records, and current medical status (collectively “Medical Information”). I further consent to provide or that such Medical Information may be provided to the P.C. and my Treating Physician for purposes of Treatment.

I confirm that the Personal and Medical Information I provide will be accurate and truthful (including my date of birth) to the best of my knowledge at the time it is given. In the event my Personal or Medical Information changes after providing it to the P.C. or a Treating Physician, I will update the P.C. and Treating Physician about such changes.

I understand that I will get access to Twentyeight Health services only if I am above the minimum age requirement defined by state law where I live.

I understand that my Treating Physician will provide a description of the Treatment, the indications for the Treatment, alternatives to the Treatment, the material risks and benefits of the Treatment or of declining such Treatment. I further understand that I shall have the opportunity to ask questions about the Treatment and that my Treating Physician shall clearly and fully answer such questions, and that I have the option for an audio chat and text messaging with my Treating Physician, if I would like.

I also understand that the practice of medicine or receiving Treatment does not confer a guaranteed or specific medical outcome and I acknowledge that no such guarantee has been made to me. I further consent that the P.C. or entities with which the P.C. contracts to coordinate my care will retain the Medical Information for the purposes of documenting my health status, as required by law. Such Medical Information shall be maintained in compliance with all applicable laws, including but not limited to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as amended by and supplemented by the Health Information Technology for Clinical Health Act of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and their respective implementing regulations, as amended from time to time (collectively “HIPAA”).

I acknowledge and understand that Twentyeight Health is not a licensed medical provider and is not providing me any Treatment or other medical care. Twentyeight Health acts only to coordinate my ability to receive Treatment from P.C., as it is determined to be appropriate in the professional medical judgment of the PC and Treating Physicians.

I understand that if I am a Medicaid recipient, I can obtain the medical care provided by P.C. at no cost to me from a provider that participates in my Medicaid managed care plan, and by using TwentyEight Health I will have to pay the P.C. $26 out-of-pocket once a year for the medical review.