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What is it? How does it work?
Withdrawal is when someone with a penis pulls out from the vagina before ejaculating. They must also avoid getting semen near the vulva—the outer portion of the vagina. Withdrawal is also sometimes known as the “pull-out method” or “coitus interruptus.” Sometimes it is used in addition to another method (the pill, condom, etc.) for increased effectiveness.

How effective is it?
It is only 78% effective with typical use. With perfect use, it is 96% effective. It should be noted, however, that it is extremely difficult to use withdrawal perfectly every single time.

What are the side effects?
Due to its difficulty to use, there is a high possibility of having a baby as a side effect.

Does it protect me against sexually transmitted infections?
No. If you or your partner are not using a condom, you do not have protection against sexually transmitted infections. Some partners choose to use withdrawal in addition to using condoms, in which case you would be protected!

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