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What's the difference between birth control brands and what is a generic?

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Is generic birth control the same as the brand?
Yep! All FDA generic medications must have the same active ingredients (meaning the same hormones and same dosage). As such, they provide the same benefits and risks as the brand name versions and are equally as effective and safe.  

Is anything different between generics?
While the active ingredients are the same among generics, the inactive ingredients can vary so if you have allergies or intolerances, it’s best to check the inactive ingredient list before trying a new generic.  

Why was I switched to a generic?
There are a number of reasons as to why a pharmacy might switch your generic birth control. Most commonly, if you’re using insurance, insurance companies often have a preferred drug list. This list consists of the prescriptions drugs they cover and the cost to its members, which is dependent on negotiations with the drug manufacturers and can change throughout the year.

Alternatively, sometimes the drug manufacturers place specific brands and/or generics on backorder, meaning the pharmacy is unable to purchase it at that time. In this instance, the pharmacy may fill a medically equivalent generic to ensure you receive your medication on time.

How do I get insurance to cover the brand name?
Insurance companies will generally only cover the brand name if there has been a failure or adverse reaction to the generic.

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