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Is It Safe To Skip Your Period?

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What is a period?
A period, also known as menstruation, is when someone sheds blood and tissue from the lining of the uterus through the vagina.

Why do some people skip their period?
Some people choose to skip their period if a certain event is coming up, such as a wedding, or if they’re going on vacation. Other people skip their period continuously because they suffer from severe side effects on their period. It’s a personal choice whether or not you skip your period, and it’s important to check with a doctor first to make sure it’s appropriate.

Is it safe to always skip your period?
It’s important to check with a doctor first to make sure it’s appropriate, and also to speak with a doctor if you’re experiencing any side effects. For many menstruating individuals, it’s safe to continuously skip your period. If you decide to stop taking birth control at some point, your period will typically return to normal after about a month.

Are there any side effects to skipping your period?
Some people experience what’s called “breakthrough bleeding,” which is unpredictable bleeding at any time during your cycle. For many people, this will decrease over time.

Can I skip my period on the Combination Pill:
Yes, it’s possible to skip your period on the combination pill. Combination pills have active pills that contain hormones, and inactive pills, or “placebo pills.” In order to skip your period, don’t take the inactive pills and start your next pack right away.

Can I skip my period on the POP or Minipill:
You cannot skip your period on the minipill. Every pill is active, meaning every pill releases a small amount of progestin, so there are no placebo pills to skip.

Can I skip my period on the ring, the patch, or the shot?
The ring is designed to be removed after three weeks and then the user waits one week before inserting a new ring. To skip your period, you would insert the new ring every three weeks.

The patch is intended to be used by applying one new patch every week for three weeks and then removed for one patch-free week. It is not recommended to skip periods with the patch.

Your period will typically become lighter and less frequent on the birth control shot, and may stop altogether. You can’t change the timing of the shot to fully control skipping your period; the shot should be taken every three months as instructed.

Can I skip my period on other forms of birth control, such as the IUD or Implant?
Most people using an IUD or implant have much lighter periods, or their periods stop altogether. There’s no guarantee, but people who want to have lighter or absent periods will likely benefit from using an IUD or implant.

Will my insurance cover early refills so I can skip my period?
Many insurance companies will allow refills early enough so that you can skip your period, but not all. At Twentyeight, we offer the opportunity to purchase extra packs out of pocket at an affordable price to make sure you have the option to skip your period even if your insurance doesn’t cover it for you.

Remember! Periods are a natural and normal part of how our body functions. We think it’s important to not feel shame or embarrassment about having a period. With that said, there are lots of reasons why you might skip your period and as long as it’s medically appropriate, it’s your choice!  

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