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Twentyeight Health Launches Spanish Language Telehealth Services in 17 States

Twentyeight Health Launches Spanish Language Telehealth Services in 17 States

NEW YORK, May 17, 2022 —  Twentyeight Health, a telehealth company increasing access to sexual and reproductive care for women from underserved communities, today announced that the company has launched Spanish language telehealth services in 17 new states across the U.S. — more than tripling its state availability. 

“Increasing access to sexual and reproductive care for women from underserved communities has never been more important,” said Amy Fan, co-founder of Twentyeight Health. “According to Planned Parenthood, 57% of Latina women ages 18-34 have struggled with the cost of prescription birth control. With the continued expansion of our Spanish language coverage, as well as our acceptance of Medicaid in many of the states that we’re available in, it’s our mission to bring this number down to zero.”

Twenyeight Health’s Spanish language services for residents include: 

  • Doctor telehealth visits and ongoing care: Twentyeight Health’s telemedicine visits and ongoing messaging with Spanish-speaking doctors are now available in the following 23 states: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Virginia. 
  • Spanish language website: Twentyeight Health’s Spanish language website is available to anyone in the U.S., featuring doctor-vetted articles about everything from reproductive health to sexually transmitted infections to birth control options, FAQs about Twentyeight Health’s services, and information about different birth control methods that Twentyeight Health offers.
  • Customer phone, text and email support in Spanish: All of Twentyeight Health’s users will be able to access customer support by phone, text and email in Spanish. This includes providing information about their deliveries and support navigating their insurance. 

Twentyeight Health is expanding its Spanish Language services at a time of significant growth for the company. Over the last year, Twentyeight Health launched in states across the U.S., and is now serving more than 85% of women of reproductive age. The company is committed to reaching women from underserved communities — more than half of Twentyeight Health’s users are on Medicaid, and Twentyeight Health provides free birth control for uninsured women in financial need through a partnership with Bedsider’s BCBenefits.

About Twentyeight Health 

Twentyeight Health is a mission-driven women’s health organization expanding access to reproductive and sexual health services through high quality telemedicine care, a convenient online platform, and affordable options. Twentyeight Health has received multiple awards for the company’s impact, including Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, Forbes Next 1000, Top 50 in Digital Health by Rock Health, and the NYC Digital Health 100.

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