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Twentyeight Health Empowers Women in 6 New States, now covering 41 states and over 90% of women in the US

Twentyeight Health Empowers Women in 6 New States, now covering 41 states and over 90% of women in the US

This strategic expansion allows Twentyeight Health to cover over 90% of women of reproductive age in the US.

New York, NY (March 21, 2024) – Twentyeight Health, the leading women’s healthcare platform increasing access to reproductive and sexual health for underserved women, proudly announces its expansion into six additional states.Twentyeight Health now serves women in Connecticut, Idaho, Massachusetts, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Vermont. This is in addition to 35 more states - providing access to 90%+ of women in the country.

Recent findings from Power to Decide underscore the urgency of this expansion. Almost 20 million women find themselves living in contraceptive deserts. They lack reasonable access to comprehensive contraceptive methods at local health centers. Twentyeight Health's strategic move addresses these healthcare disparities head-on, championing accessibility for women in underserved regions.

This expansion epitomizes Twentyeight Health's unwavering commitment to delivering essential healthcare services to communities that have historically faced challenges. 

Recent data underscores the transformative impact of Twentyeight Health's telehealth services, revealing that 65% of users lacked access to birth control before embracing the platform. CEO and co-founder Bruno Van Tuykom said, "Telehealth is a game-changer in healthcare access, especially for underserved communities. Our expansion into new states reinforces our pledge to provide high-quality,affordable and accessible reproductive and sexual care to every woman - wherever they are."

“This expansion comes after a pivotal year for us. In 2023, the company absorbed tens of thousands of patients from two major competitors, SimpleHealth and the Pill Club. This propelled us to become one of the foremost platforms in the field,” said Christina Azimi, Senior Director of Marketing, Design & PR.  Twentyeight Health is now the leading platform for underserved communities with more than 50% of its users being on Medicaid or uninsured. 

Twentyeight Health is always growing and evolving. In upcoming months, they will offer more products and services (prescription and OTC) and will be launching partnerships with major payers in multiple states. 

In addition to bilingual services in English and Spanish, Twentyeight Health donates 1% of its revenues to nonprofits dedicated to enhancing access to reproductive and sexual healthcare. This strategic expansion aligns seamlessly with Twentyeight Health's commitment to breaking down barriers and making quality healthcare accessible nationwide.

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About Twentyeight Health

Twentyeight Health
is a mission-driven women’s healthcare platform, expanding access through high quality telemedicine care, convenient at-home deliveries, and affordable options. Twentyeight Health is available in 38 states and the District of Columbia, serving almost 90 percent of women of reproductive age. Twentyeight Health donates 1% of revenues to nonprofits that work to improve access to reproductive & sexual healthcare. Twentyeight Health has received multiple awards for the company’s impact, including 2024 Digital Health 100 (DH100), Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, Forbes Next 1000, Top 50 in Digital Health by Rock Health, the NYC Digital The 10 most innovative companies with fewer than 100 employees of 2022, Health 100, and the Inc. Female Founders 100