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Twentyeight Health Expands Medicaid Coverage of Birth Control Delivery in D.C.

Twentyeight Health Expands Medicaid Coverage of Birth Control Delivery in D.C.

Telehealth platform aims to increase access to birth control for the nearly one in five women in D.C. who are on Medicaid.

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 4, 2022 — Twentyeight Health, a telehealth company increasing access to sexual and reproductive care for women from underserved communities, today announced that it is accepting Medicaid in D.C. for birth control.

“Nearly one in five women in DC receives health care coverage through Medicaid, and yet only a fraction of doctors accept new Medicaid patients,” said Amy Fan, co-founder of Twentyeight Health. “As we expand our Medicaid coverage to D.C., we will help more women access the high-quality, affordable telehealth services for birth control that everyone deserves.”

In addition to accepting Medicaid, Twentyeight Health has pursued a number of other initiatives focused on increasing access to birth control, including:

  • A platform designed for underserved communities: Twentyeight Health leverages multiple modes of telehealth, including audio consultations and direct messaging with physicians, to provide privacy, discretion and a seamless experience regardless of the individual’s access to high-speed internet or housing situation. Twentyeight Health provides ongoing care at no extra cost through unlimited doctor follow up messages to discuss issues such as updating prescriptions or addressing potential side effects.
  • Spanish language services: Even though Spanish is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the U.S., with more than 40 million U.S. residents speaking Spanish at home, a Health Affairs study published in 2021 shows that Spanish speakers receive approximately one-third less care than other Americans. In 2021, Twentyeight Health launched a Spanish language website, customer support in Spanish, and doctor telehealth visits and ongoing care in Spanish.
  • Culturally competent physicians: A 2021 study published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine details that the people who use telehealth in the greatest numbers are affluent Americans living in urban areas. In order to ensure that everyone feels comfortable using Twentyeight Health’s telehealth services, the company works with physicians who have experience providing care to low-income patients and in communities of color.
  • Charitable giving: Twentyeight Health has infused charitable giving into its business model, providing free birth control for uninsured women in financial need through a partnership with Bedsider’s Contraceptive Access Fund, and donating 2% of revenues to Bedsider and the National Institute for Reproductive Health.

Twentyeight Health offers the pill, patch, ring, shot, emergency contraception, internal condoms (FC2), and COVID-19 tests. To learn more, visit

About Twentyeight Health

Twentyeight Health is a mission-driven women’s health organization expanding access to reproductive and sexual health services through high quality telemedicine care, a convenient online platform, and affordable options. Starting with birth control, Twentyeight Health is available in more than 30 states across the U.S., serving more than 85 percent of women of reproductive age. Twentyeight Health has received multiple awards for the company’s impact, including Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies, Forbes Next 1000, Top 50 in Digital Health by Rock Health, the NYC Digital Health 100, and Verywell Health’s Best Birth Control Delivery Services.

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